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The Technology

A plasmon is a quantum of plasma oscillation. Just as light consists of photons, the plasma oscillation consists of plasmons. The plasmon is a quasiparticle which arises from the quantization of plasma oscillations that can be excited by light. We at Plasmonics Oy design and manufacture plasmonic nanoparticles to be used in various photocatalytic applications like future energy solutions and novel antimicrobial coatings. Plasmonic technology allows us to design particles where an absorption energy of light can be predefined depending on the application to enhance the light interaction with matter. 

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About Us

Plasmonics Oy is a University start-up from Tampere University, Finland. It was founded after decades of high level research in photonics at the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Science  followed by the recent research activites performed in PREIN, the Flagship on Photonics Research and Innovation.


Mika Valden, Chairman

Professor Mika Valden has been leading Surface Science Research at Tampere University for 25 years. He has decades of experience in investigating atomic and molecular level interactions on functional nanoparticles by surface analytical methods and developing new photonic nanomaterials using Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD).


Pasi Keinänen, CEO

Pasi Keinänen has more than 20 years of experience in business related to materials science and nanotechnology. He has worked in several different technology startups in various positions and has also gained experience in startup coaching, portfolio management and funding. Keinänen has a Masters Degree in Physics from University of Jyväskylä, Finland and Ph.D. in Materials Science from Tampere University, Finland.


Bela Bhuskute, CTO

The educational research practice of Bela Bhuskute involves developing new innovative photoactive materials to be used in functional surfaces and novel energy applications. She has completed her Masters in Physics from India in 2015 and worked as a research assistant at CSIR-National chemical laboratory, India and presently a researcher at Tampere University, Finland. She is experienced in photocatalytic water splitting, electrochemistry and surface analytical methods.

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